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Be prepared for your local move! 
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The following is a short check list and a few simple steps to 

following during the process of planning your move.  Print this 

checklist and use this as a guideline for your move. 

Checklist to prepare for your local move: 
 Choose your moving company 
 Changing your address
 Find new doctor's in your area (if necessary) 
 Call to set up termination for utilities
 Call to set up re-connection of utilities
 Check School change information, enrollment etc. 
 Drain gas and oil from any power equipment that will be moved. 
 Purchase packing supplies if packing yourself.
 Arrange for packing services if having professionals pack for you.
 Start packing process 
 Correctly label all boxes.

These may not be all of the items that you need to prepare for 

your move. However this is a great start and excellent guideline. 

Feel free to print the above checklist to keep handy during your