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Commercial Movers

A-Z Moving and Storage works with many local professionals and commercial customers in assisting them with their moving needs.

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Every commercial relocation has distinct needs and requirements. Our approach is designed to address every aspect of the relocation thoroughly paying attention to every little detail. We begin the process with an assessment of the requirements of the move. Our project manager has a personal meeting with company's liaison in charge of the relocation. They go over the blue prints of new facilities, review them and mark areas of importance. The equipment and furniture will be marked and the movers will have a smooth time on the move day.

Our project managers work with business owners or their management to ensure there is no lapse in the business operations.

Our movers have a lot of experience on working on the following projects:

  • Office moves and industrial moves,
  • Business roll outs to multiple locations or large-scale moves,
  • Freight shipping,
  • Logistics services,
  • Residential delivery for businesses,
  • Library relocation,
  • Transportation of machinery and large equipment,
  • Museum moves or moving fine art and collectibles,
  • Trade show shipping,
  • Shipping forwarding,
  • Special products shipping,


Our estimators will come out to your facility to examine the area and to provide you with a binding estimate. The project management team will work on the process and time guidelines.

Local commercial moves are charged hourly. The rate is dependent on the amount of movers and trucks involved on the project.

Long distance commercial moves charges are based on the size/weight of the shipment and the distance. Our company applies the same tariff as for residential rates. There is a lot more special handling rates than in the residential move. As movers have to deal with a lot of heave, bulky and possibly fragile items.

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A-Z Moving provides our movers with state of the art equipment and specialty tools, which are utilized to complete any task. Our movers have many years of experience and are licensed to handle most of those tools, if necessary our offie staff, in unique circumstances, will rent special equipment and hire licensed workers to perform the task.

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