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1. What is the process of finding the right moving company?
2. What are the widely used DEFINITIONS in the moving contract?
3. What is my long distance movers liability for loss or damage of my items? INSURANCE/VALUATION
4. What is my local mover's liability of my shipment? INSURANCE/VALUATION
5. What if I am moving 110 miles in California?
6. What is the benefit of a full service local mover vs. "do it yourself"?
7. How do I know how many hours should a local move take for the size of my residence? TABLE OF HOURS
8. How do I know the weight of my residence? TABLE OF WEIGHTS
9. How much storage space do I need for the size of my residence? TABLE OF STORAGE SPACES
10. What can I do to make sure I am not overcharged at the delivery? ESTIMATE
11. What items are not allowed with my shipment? HAZARDOUS MATERIALS
12. What kind of things must be done prior to move date? CHECK LIST of "TO-DO'S"
13. How do I make sure that nothing gets missed during the delivery? INVENTORY REPORT
14. What should I do with items of extra value?
15. What if I want to pack some of my items? SELF PACK
16. How do I pay for my move? PAYMENT OPTIONS
17. What if I am not ready for the straight delivery? STORAGE
18. What if some of my items get damaged or lost? LOSS OR DAMAGE
19. How to file a claim? CLAIMS
20.Are there items movers have no liability over? LIMITED LIABILITY