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How to move your plants – 

To some of us, our house plants are like family. They have grown moving plants
with us and we do not want to leave them behind when we move. 
Your new home may not feel quite like home without them. With 
that being said, it may seem like moving your plants will be an 
easy task. However, there is a lot more to it than it seems. You 
want to keep your plants alive and well. 
Begin by doing some research. Most moving companies will not 
cover your plants under their basic insurance coverage. Some of 
your local moving companies will not even allow your plants on 
their moving truck because they are too fragile. If this proves to 
be the case, you will need to care for and move your plants yourself. But, don’t worry I can give you
some helpful tips to ensure that your plants will arrive safe to your new home. You will need to obtain very sturdy boxes, or large plastic storage containers. The sturdier they are the better. Be sure that
they are large enough that the entire pot fits inside of the box or container. Also, you will need bubble
wrap and/or some packing paper. This is to ensure that one the plant is safely put in to the box or 
container that it does not move. After obtaining the materials that you need, follow these simple
steps in ensure you plants arrive at your new home alive and well. 

Obtain materials needed

Sturdy boxes or plastic storage containers
Bubble wrap or packing paper
Plastic wrap or plastic garbage bags
Very gently place the pot in to the box or container
Place bubble wrap or packing paper between the pot and the 
inside of the box or container
Very gently cover the plant with plastic wrap or plastic garbage bag
REMEMBER to poke holes in the plastic to allow the plant to breathe
When the plants arrive at your new home, immediately remove 
plastic wrap Immediately following, remove plants from the 
storage container or boxes GENTLY Provide required amount of 
water and plant food for this specific plant 

Following these simple steps will ensure that you plants will be alive and well upon their arrival to your new home.
They will continue to thrive as you continue to care for them, making your new house feel like a home!