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Inventory of Household Goods


Moving Companies take inventory of household goods noting their condition on Inventory Forms, specifically designed for long distance relocation or storage of household items.

Movers use colored and numbered stickers. Each sticker has its own number, which is then described in the inventory form. Example: Item #1 - Wooden Chair.

All stickers have the same color and a lot number, which helps movers separate loads in a trailer during transportation or in a warehouse during storage.

Inventory by_Danny1-top1 Inventory by_Danny1-top1_2

The inventory forms have descriptive symbols, which help to describe condition of items at the time of pickup and delivery. Example: Item #1 - Wooden Chair - F, W.1, SC. F for faded, W.1 for badly worn top, SC for scratched.

The customer should be actively participating in inventory and description of the items. In case you disagree with the movers assessment of your goods, you can make your own notations on the inventory forms.

Inventory of goods is kept attached to the contract with the shipment at all times, a copy of signed inventory forms are given to the customer. The customer should hold on to the forms until the shipment is delivered. This will give you a chance to go over the shipment's condition at the time of delivery. 

Making notations on the inventory forms of the damaged or missing items will help you when processing claims. Making notations on the form doesn't constitute the claim, but will definitely help you when you do.