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Packing Materials


Majority of materials used by movers to pack household items are boxes different sizes, and different wrapping materials to protect items during relocation or in storage. Materials need to be used accordingly to the industrial specifications. Proper boxes and the right amount of padding of packing paper, bubble. The boxes need to be taped appropriately, to be safely sealed and be able to withstand multiple times they will be handled by movers during the loading, unloading, and time in transit. The boxes will be professionally secured inside the truck. It is important to clearly indicate on the boxes its contents. This will allow movers properly stack them inside the truck. Heavy and bulky boxes, such as boxes with books, files, papers, etc. go on the bottom of the load, while fragile boxes will be stacked on top.

Furniture can not be boxed. Movers dis assemble furniture and protect each piece separately. Some larger pieces are protected by moving pads, however glass and antique furniture require extra protection. Movers use moving blankets, bubble and shrink wrap as well as in some cases carton and/or wood.

There are plenty of items in any household that can not be packed inside a regular box. Those items require special handling - known as crating.

There are two types of crates:

Soft crates are made out of double strength carton. Often, movers use dishpack or wardrobe boxes to create a proper size crate to protect the article.

Wooden crates are made days before relocation. Movers will come out and take measurements of the items requiring this type of protection. Then having those measurements our carpenters make wooden crates. Wooden crates take a few days for preparation and are commonly used to protect expansive artwork that is being relocated long distance and international shipments.


Boxes file-box_15_12_10

FILE (BANKER) MOVING BOXES - 1.5 cubic feet,

size range of (15" x 12" x 10").

Great for packing files


SMALL MOVING BOXES - 1.5 cubic feet,

Size range of (15"x 12"x 9").

For packing books, collectibles and small/light manufactured items.


MEDIUM MOVING BOXES - 3.0 cubic feet,

Size range of (18"x 15"x 12").

For packing larger books, files, collectibles, almost all non-breakable kitchenware. (Do not over pack).

 large boxes_5

LARGE MOVING BOXES - 4.5 cubic feet,

Size range (24"x 16"x 17").

For shipping, storing linens, pillows, collectibles, larger plastic dishes, metal serving platters, plants, and lamps.


EXTRA LARGE MOVING BOXES - 5.2 cubic feet,

Size range (24"x 24"x 16").

For shipping, storing larger household items such as comforters, blankets, clothes, lamps, pillows and any large but lighter items - Be careful to keep the weight manageable. Do not over pack…

 Box dishpack

DISH PACK BOX - 6.2 cubic feet,

Size range (24" x 18" x 24").

For shipping fragile articles: china, glasses, dishes, bottles, etc.

Double Strength Carton. Specifically made for transportation of fragile, expansive articles.



MIRROR/PICTURE BOX - Large picture box,

Box Picture-Mirror_Products

4 Boxes per pack - (40" x 60" x 4") (uboxes.com has no afflictions with our company, we used it just as an example of one online provider).

Excellent box for protection of wall art, mirrors and pictures.

LAMP BOXES - Tall and short

3 Sets of Boxes a small and a larger one - (12" x 12" x 60")

Lamp needs to be disassembled and top and bottom packed separately.

 wardrobe demo

WARDROBE BOX - 11.00 cubic feet,

5 Boxes Per Bundle - (20" x 20" x 48").

Double Strength Carton. Can be used over and over again - Great for storing winter & summer clothes too! Our Heavy Duty Boxes ensure your clothes won't sag before you do on your next move. Each Wardrobe Box comes with a sturdy metal hanger bar.


Flat Screen TV Boxes:


boxes-70 TV_box

TV Boxes Heavy-duty 72"x8"x42"

Do wall box perfect for packing any flat screen TV between 56" and 70".

Includes 6 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your Television. Wrap your TV in 65' large bubble wrap before packing.



TV Boxes Heavy-duty 56"x8"x42"

Double wall box perfect for packing any flat screen TV between 30" and 55".

Includes 4 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your Television. Wrap your TV in 65' large bubble wrap before packing.



TV Boxes Heavy-duty 30"x8"x22"

Double wall box perfect for packing any flat screen TV 15" to 29".

Includes 2 Double Wall corrugated sleeves to protect your monitor. Wrap your TV in 65' large bubble wrap before packing.



IMG 20130403_145841_371




SOFT CRATES - made for articles that require extra protection and don't fit into regular size boxes.

Made out of heavy duty, double carton. Often cut out of Wardrobe or Dish pack boxes.




Crate antique_Furniture

WOODEN CRATES - made for specific articles, our estimators will take measurements and crate will be assembled in a short amount of time in company warehouse.

In this example a chair is crated in wooden box made by specifications of the given item.




pack stretch-20

Roll - (18"x 1000' long).

Protects against scratches, dirt, dust, and holds items tight, keeps the integrity of the construction if properly wrapped. Excellent for sofas, tables, dressers, file cabinets and a lot more.




pack kit_1.2_bubble

Roll - (12" wide x 100')

Excellent for moving and protecting glass and other fragile articles: electronics, expansive china, glass furniture, antiques, etc.


PACKING TAPE - clear tape,

pack kit_1.4_clam_tape_400_2

6 roll bundle - Provides 650 yards of tape.

Seals about 100 medium boxes. Very strong and durable product.



pack kit_1.3_paper

Bundle - (30 lbs of 24"x 36") ink-less paper roll.

Great for protection of fragile items and filling in empty space when your packing boxes.



Great protection from dirt, scratches, dust, and stains.


Available for any size mattress or box spring and possibly other large items. It comes sealed on three sides - seal the top with tape.

King Mattress Cover - (78" x 8" x 90"),

Queen Mattress Cover - (60" x 8" x 90"),

Full-Size Mattress Cover - (54" x 8" x 90").


FURNITURE PAPER PADS (set of 48 Pads) - (48" x 72").

Packing FurniturePads_Paper

Triple Layer - Full size 48" x 72". Protect your furniture, framed pictures, lamps, small appliances from dust, dirt and light scratches


SUPREME BLANKETS (80LBS/DOZ) - (72" x 80")

moving-blankets red_-blue

Size: 72" x 80"

Color: Blue/Lt, Blue, Woven

Blanket Weight: 6.67 lbs.

Dozen Weight: 80 lbs.

This high-quality and efficient moving blanket is made of heavy-duty fabric. It will help ensure that all customer expansive belongings are covered and protected during relocation.