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Packing Services

A-Z Moving & Storage fully understands importance of proper preparations for relocation, regardless of whether it is a local or long distance moving. Packing services are normally performed by the most experienced movers that know exact proportions of packing materials, not to over pack or under pack boxes. We strongly advise our customers, those that wish to control the cost of relocation by packing boxes themselves, to leave packing and crating fragile, bulky and large articles.

Let us take care of your goods, relieve you of the stress and physical strength.

Our movers are experienced at packing and in general preparations of both residential and commercial relocations.

A-Z Moving has a team of packers that are able to provide wooden crating of items that can not be moved any other way. Such items as:

  • art works,
  • paintings,
  • large vases,
  • chandeliers,
  • tournament style pool tables,
  • antique furniture of different sizes.

Boxes 1

Packing services are charged a lot like local moves: hourly rate and cost of materials. Depending on the volume of the residence or business facilities, and amount of packing that needs to be provided. Normally, for packing a 2 bedroom house a team of 2 packers will take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. The cost of materials will be based stricktly on the amount of boxes used, special protection and crating used on the job. The costs of materials will be indicated on our contract (bill of lading) and our estimator will usually indicate exact amount on the estimate. 


Type of Residence






2 – 4

$40 - $80

1 Bedroom Apartment


3 -  5

$50 - $100

2 Bedroom Apt. \ House


4  - 7

$80 - $140

3 Bedroom Apt. \ House


5 -  8

$120 - $200

4 Bedroom House


6 -  9

$180 - $300

5 Bedroom House


7 - 10

$250 - $400


5 +

9 +

$300 +

                       (All these numbers are basic approximations based on years of experience,                                                                                                      this table offers no guarantees. To receive guarantees ask for onsite estimate).


Our customers frequently ask us questions pertaining to preparations for moving and in general about moving industry, we created a web page where we provide answers to our clients questions. We tried to be as thorough and accurate as possible.

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