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Moving your office? Prepare for your commercial move. Truck Commercial_Loading

The steps listed below are some

simple guidelines to help you ensure

that your preparations for your

commercial move are organized and


Depending on your business needs,

you may need to add or remove some steps.

However, this is an excellent start to your move! 

Select individual from each department to

coordinate move. Select your professional moving company. 

Schedule the move. 

Schedule parking and unloading at the new office site. 

Obtain proper boxes and moving equipment. 

Distribute proper moving equipment to proper

departments based on their needs. 

Determine common area packing needs. 

Develop a plan to transport confidential documents.

Obtain labels and packing guidelines from your professional moving company. 

Distribute packing labels and guidelines to your employees.

Ensure boxes are labeled properly. 

Include office location, contents and level of importance. 

Prepare your office furniture. 

Obtain furniture blankets or be sure that movers wrap them prior to the move.