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Residential Moves

A-Z Moving and Storage provide many services to California residential customers with local, long distance relocations and short term storage. Local moves are relocations within 100 miles and not leaving California. Long Distance moves are relocations over 100 miles or crossing state lines.

Our residential customers are foremost our friends and neighbors, we provide them with best quality services at most competitive rates.

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A-Z Moving specialists provide out customers with quick and accurate estimates. They patiently do a room by room inventory of items included in relocation. Each item is assigned a size on a "Table of Measurements" form. Once inventory is complete, the sizes are added up and specialists determine the size of trucks and amount of movers to assign on the jobs for ultimate results.


Same goes for long distance calculations. The size helps to determine amount of space shipment will occupy inside a trailer and converted into weight to determine the cost of the transportation.


Once we figure out the size of the shipment we can also determine the size of the truck/s or trailer/s needed to complete the project. The reference and the specs of moving trucks is  on our equipment page


Our residential customers who for some reason can not move into their new location and need short term storage can take advantage of our spacious, secure and climate controlled warehouse.


Our movers are making deliveries 7 days a week 365 days a year. We take no holidays to make sure our clients get their shipments as soon as possible. 







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