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Shuttle Service and Long Carry


Long carry

There are instances when a regular size moving truck can not get near client's facility or residence, due to many factors:

  • narrow streets,
  • untrimmed trees,
  • unlicensed use of big trucks in the area (island, etc.)


If the truck is parked over 75 feet away from the entrence to the resinence this will be considered a long carry. Long distance mover's tariff provides a special  long carry fee, which your mover should disclose to you as soon as the long carry is discovered.  That's why you should describe your pickup and delivery location to your moving specialist ahead of time to avoid a last minute surprises.

Movers will first try to use their tools and equipment that are available on hand and carry items from/to the location, however if the distance is too great it becomes necessary to provide a shuttle service.



The movers are required a use of a much smaller truck or cargo van to gain access to client's location.

If shuttle is required at;

Pickup: a smaller truck is sent to the location and loaded with as much items as possible, transported to the regular size moving truck and reloaded into it.

Delivery: a smaller truck is loaded with items from the moving truck and transported to the new location and then delivered to client's facility or residence.

As part of their duties our moving specialists do research to see if there is a possibility of a need for shuttle service. Being unprepared is going to cost both movers and a client a lot of time. Unfortunately, shuttle services are not cheap, however the sooner the mover learn the more time they have to prepare for it.

Once our company learns of a need for shuttle service and in case the delivery/pickup is taken place out of state, where we have no access to our own fleet of small trucks - our specialists will do the following preparation:

  • Make a reservation for smaller truck/van from an in town rental agency (as soon as possible to ensure availability and lower rates);
  • Upon arrival to town, movers will pickup the truck from rental agency,
  • Movers will execute the shuttle and deliver or pick up shipment;
  • Return truck to rental agency,
  • Pay for the truck rental, which includes (daily rate, miles, and fuel).

The shuttle charges will be added to the contract as accessorial/additional services. 

Shuttle Equipment

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