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A-Z Moving & Storage company provides customers with a specious warehouse.

  • The items that are going into our storage are properly prepared for it.
  • Items must be wrapped, furniture wrapped and dis assembled in small items, wrapped separately and treated to stay dry.
  • The items are placed inside padded vaults. Heavier/stronger items go on the bottom of the load, and fragile/light items go on the very top of the load.
  • The vault is then built around the shipment and safely closed.
  • Each vault is assigned a number and a space in the warehouse.
  • The information of vault's location is logged in warehouse logbook and customers file.
  • The vaults can be stacked on top of one another.
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    Vault Loading43

     Building neat contents of a vault

    warehouse vaults_forklift_122

    Transporting vault to it's assigned spot

Vault in_warehouse42

Stacking vaults and tags on each one

  warehouse Vaults22

Special vault spots